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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Sun, Swim & Gym by Boots

For protect against chlorine damage I picked up both the Shampoo and the Resistant Protective Masque. I swim quite a lot and it is very damaging to my hair. I have only used both products once. They smell quite similar to men’s after shave but if you wanted to be picky you could then use your own conditioner, possible a deep conditioner. The problem persisting with swimming is that when my hair dries no matter how much shampoo and conditioner I use my hair stinks of chlorine. I was happy to see when I used these products my hair didn’t smell of anything, neither the chlorine or the shampoos smell so I was very impressed. I did however have to use quite a bit for my medium length thick hair so that would be the only down point.

Shampoo                                                                                     Water Resistant Protective Masque

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  1. I'm down to my last few drops. Guess I'll have to get myself to London because you can't buy it here in the States and www.boots.com won't ship outside the UK. Product is fabulous....from a daily lap swimmer who's used it for years. Shampoo, conditioner, masque. All great!