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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

One of my loves

I love love love love love Barry M nail varnish 

This is just one that I happened to purchase recently and have on now, not particularly one of my favourites… I looks rather orange in some lights so sorry about my camera.

Also sorry about my awful nails I’ve bitten them for ages (I know, terrible habit). I’ve stopped for now.
<--- It looks more like this one
I had two coats on by the way.

I love this Mascara

I’m really upset that the £5 off voucher in No7 at Boots ends on the 12th of September. The vouchers are basically unlimited because once you spend one you get another 

I bought both the Stay Perfect foundation, I think I already reviewed, and Exceptional Definition Mascara which so far I love. I have only used it once this morning but it’s great, my eyelashes are really short that they are almost inexistent! I could really see the difference with one coat.
If you haven’t seen the advert (haha) each side of the brush has a different purpose. One for coating your lashes, the other for getting rid of clumps and the top of the brush to coat even the smallest of your lashes.

I was very impressed with this mascara more so that the foundation and I think I might purchase some more in the No7 range.

What is your favourite No7 product? xx

Friday, 27 August 2010

3 of my favourite makeup products :)

These aren't in any order by the way...

1. No7 Stay Perfect Foundation
I bought this foundation with the £5 off voucher i got on all No7 products :) The usual price in boots was £14.50, however i got it for £9.50 with my voucher. I was very impressed.
I have never really had such a great sucess with foundations. I always found that I chose the wrong colour for my skin because i have a quite a pale complexion. I chose the shade 'Porcelain' because i think it was the second lightest avaliable in boots and i generally dont vary in complexion between summer and winter. This foundation is very light on my skin which is what i wanted and it doesnt make my skin look greasy or orange, you can't really even tell i've got it on! I love it!  

2. Nautral Collection Blush in the shade 'Peach Melba'
I really like this blush because i compliments my pale skin. It doesn't look un-natural which is a big plus for me, because its easy for blush to look to un-natural on my skin. Its not a bright pink nor a light and its only £1.99 which makes it suit me perfectly :) However because its so cheap I didn't expect that much from it, the only down point in my opinion is that it doesn't last too long.

3. Rimmel London Colour Show Off Lipstick in 'Pink Gossip'
I love this color. I was wanting for a long time to use lip colour however I was quite reluctant, not knowing whether it would suit me or not. I went ahead and got this lipstick at I think about £6.00. I looks very pretty and natural and not too bold. Its very creamy and not got much shimmer at all which is what i like and i dont use lip gloss over it.

Sorry my camera ran out of battery so i couldn't upload my photos! I can do tomorrow though if you want, just let me know.
Do you have any suggestions on other reviews i should do? xxx

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Sun, Swim & Gym by Boots

For protect against chlorine damage I picked up both the Shampoo and the Resistant Protective Masque. I swim quite a lot and it is very damaging to my hair. I have only used both products once. They smell quite similar to men’s after shave but if you wanted to be picky you could then use your own conditioner, possible a deep conditioner. The problem persisting with swimming is that when my hair dries no matter how much shampoo and conditioner I use my hair stinks of chlorine. I was happy to see when I used these products my hair didn’t smell of anything, neither the chlorine or the shampoos smell so I was very impressed. I did however have to use quite a bit for my medium length thick hair so that would be the only down point.

Shampoo                                                                                     Water Resistant Protective Masque

Friday, 20 August 2010

Short lived split end rein... hopefully :)

Splits ends, gah! How annoying.
The only way to completely get rid of split ends is to have them cut off. Trimming them yourself may be helpful but if you suspect the split ends ride far up your hair cutting them off will only make them rise higher. Regular trims can prevent this.

Now for what to do once you have got yourself in this mess.
Prevent further damage caused by heat, chlorine, snapping of your hair and other causes.

Deep Conditioners I would recommend:

Rainforest Moisture by The Body Shop
I bought this because I got a free sample in a magazine. First impressions were great because the texture was nice and quick so it really felt like it was nourishing my hair. It smelt great and it left my hair feeling silky smooth, less tangled than usual and it had more volume. I was impressed with this product and bought the shampoo and conditioner as well :)
If you have badly damaged hair the product should be used weekly after shampooing. I have only recently purchased this product so more advice with develop with more use.

  3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor by Aussie

I love the smell of this more so than the above. The product lists many exotic smells so its very unique but lovely. Its creamy leaves hair soft and shiny. The product recommends leaving on from 1-3 minutes depending on the damage but after reading a review I saw it was recommend that you leave it on much longer for a full condition. Many times i will just put my hair up in a shower cap whilst I shave or something. Other times i have left a towel or shower cap on my head whilst i stepped out of the shower and rinsed off with cold water maybe 30 minutes later.
Hair stops absorbing shortly after so any longer would probably be unnecessary. Also cold water locks moisture into the hair shaft so your hair will hold shine.

Have you used any of these products? What did you think?  xx

I love

I've never tried anything else from Barry M but I love the Barry M nail paints. They have a selection of gorgeous colours and there is a colour for everyone.
I recommend these for anyone  :)


Autums almost here and its time to through on some warmer clothes. Biker jeans are part of the autum trend and throwing it together with a warm jumper or cardigan gives it that effortly cool look. Although these are only some of the few in the high street they arent some of the cheapest if your going to stock your wardrobe with a few of these. I choose these to show the variety.

My first Topshop choice fits the 'Goth Glam' look
The second choice fits the 'Biker' look                                          Dont be afraid to try something new :)
My River Islan choice fits the 'Folk' look

What do you think about them ?  xx

Thursday, 19 August 2010

'Rainforest Moisture' The Body Shop

I'm trying out the new 'rainforest moisture' collection from The Body Shop, it doesn't test on animals first off which is great!
So far so good. I decided to get the shampoo, conditioner and hair butter after I got a sample of the hair butter in Company magazine, i've used it properly for the first time today.
Will do a updated review and tips with more use of the products :D
Tell me what you think of it ? x

A scrunchie :)

The multi purpose accessory for sleeping.
Sleeping with you hair pulled back in a scrunchie is good for you hair because it can prevent your hair being pulled and broken as you roll around in your sleep. A scrunchie in particular is good because it is gentle and won't split or break your hair :)
Secondly your hair is very absorbent and can collect anything from the air throughout the day, for instance cigarette smoke or any kind of dirt. If your skin is spot prone especially, having hair on your face can cause breakouts. When you can, keep hair off your face to eliminate this. Use a scrunchie :)
I have one scrunchie I kept from being a young child, my santa one :D

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

just starting out

Just to let any one know who is interested I'm planning on having this blog purely for tips on beauty and reviews on the things Ive tried out. I'm no expert I'm just trying and testing what i like, that's why I'm calling this blog beauty simple. I could be posting simple little tips or photos and reviews and its flexible so tell me what you would like a review or what you need help on!
Thanks xx