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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

I love this Mascara

I’m really upset that the £5 off voucher in No7 at Boots ends on the 12th of September. The vouchers are basically unlimited because once you spend one you get another 

I bought both the Stay Perfect foundation, I think I already reviewed, and Exceptional Definition Mascara which so far I love. I have only used it once this morning but it’s great, my eyelashes are really short that they are almost inexistent! I could really see the difference with one coat.
If you haven’t seen the advert (haha) each side of the brush has a different purpose. One for coating your lashes, the other for getting rid of clumps and the top of the brush to coat even the smallest of your lashes.

I was very impressed with this mascara more so that the foundation and I think I might purchase some more in the No7 range.

What is your favourite No7 product? xx

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