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Friday, 27 August 2010

3 of my favourite makeup products :)

These aren't in any order by the way...

1. No7 Stay Perfect Foundation
I bought this foundation with the £5 off voucher i got on all No7 products :) The usual price in boots was £14.50, however i got it for £9.50 with my voucher. I was very impressed.
I have never really had such a great sucess with foundations. I always found that I chose the wrong colour for my skin because i have a quite a pale complexion. I chose the shade 'Porcelain' because i think it was the second lightest avaliable in boots and i generally dont vary in complexion between summer and winter. This foundation is very light on my skin which is what i wanted and it doesnt make my skin look greasy or orange, you can't really even tell i've got it on! I love it!  

2. Nautral Collection Blush in the shade 'Peach Melba'
I really like this blush because i compliments my pale skin. It doesn't look un-natural which is a big plus for me, because its easy for blush to look to un-natural on my skin. Its not a bright pink nor a light and its only £1.99 which makes it suit me perfectly :) However because its so cheap I didn't expect that much from it, the only down point in my opinion is that it doesn't last too long.

3. Rimmel London Colour Show Off Lipstick in 'Pink Gossip'
I love this color. I was wanting for a long time to use lip colour however I was quite reluctant, not knowing whether it would suit me or not. I went ahead and got this lipstick at I think about £6.00. I looks very pretty and natural and not too bold. Its very creamy and not got much shimmer at all which is what i like and i dont use lip gloss over it.

Sorry my camera ran out of battery so i couldn't upload my photos! I can do tomorrow though if you want, just let me know.
Do you have any suggestions on other reviews i should do? xxx

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