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What ive lived and learned. What i like and love. I like to pretend im somebody else when i'm writing, i can pretend i know loads about beauty and fashion? when really i know nothing... Only what i write on here :)

Sunday, 12 September 2010

mention on my blog

Ok. So i get really excited when i get a new follower.
I got my 6th follower yesterday, ahh!  ;)
I must be doing something right at least. So after six, comes seven and seven seams like a good number to start on. I've decided whoever my 7th follower is gets a mention on my blog, i know its not much but its the best ive got.
7th follower - Mention on my blog
17th follower - Mention on my blog
27th follower - Mention on my blog
70th follower - Prize!   :)   (as if ill get this far)

Tip of the post - Brush your lips gentley with your toothbrush to remove dead skin and apply vaseline afterwards.

what do you think guys? xx

Monday, 6 September 2010

Summer Tip

Now that most of the UK should be back in school and the rain in pouring down my window, I can safely say that summer is over. As sad as it may be, ill have to put my bikini away for the summer.
So here's my tip I've learnt this summer.

Tanning has its best results when you prep your skin first.
1. Exfoliate.
2. Moisturise.
3. Gradual Exposure.

You should exfoliate once a week and moisterise afterwards and only exposure you skin gradually to avoid sun burning. Drink plenty of water. If you are pale like me you should shelter from the sun between 12pm and 3pm, if you know you will burn its not worth the pain.Also drink plenty on water.

If your summer is over, like mine, the first two steps applying to fake tan. I personally don't fake tan,I dont think its worth it because pale is beautiful too, and since for 99% of the year i remain white i might as well flaunt it  ;)