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Friday, 20 August 2010

Short lived split end rein... hopefully :)

Splits ends, gah! How annoying.
The only way to completely get rid of split ends is to have them cut off. Trimming them yourself may be helpful but if you suspect the split ends ride far up your hair cutting them off will only make them rise higher. Regular trims can prevent this.

Now for what to do once you have got yourself in this mess.
Prevent further damage caused by heat, chlorine, snapping of your hair and other causes.

Deep Conditioners I would recommend:

Rainforest Moisture by The Body Shop
I bought this because I got a free sample in a magazine. First impressions were great because the texture was nice and quick so it really felt like it was nourishing my hair. It smelt great and it left my hair feeling silky smooth, less tangled than usual and it had more volume. I was impressed with this product and bought the shampoo and conditioner as well :)
If you have badly damaged hair the product should be used weekly after shampooing. I have only recently purchased this product so more advice with develop with more use.

  3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor by Aussie

I love the smell of this more so than the above. The product lists many exotic smells so its very unique but lovely. Its creamy leaves hair soft and shiny. The product recommends leaving on from 1-3 minutes depending on the damage but after reading a review I saw it was recommend that you leave it on much longer for a full condition. Many times i will just put my hair up in a shower cap whilst I shave or something. Other times i have left a towel or shower cap on my head whilst i stepped out of the shower and rinsed off with cold water maybe 30 minutes later.
Hair stops absorbing shortly after so any longer would probably be unnecessary. Also cold water locks moisture into the hair shaft so your hair will hold shine.

Have you used any of these products? What did you think?  xx


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!! :)
    I love this post - I have a lot of trouble with split ends so your advice on deep conditioners is really useful, thanks! :))
    Where is the '3 minute miracle' available from?
    - C x

  2. I'm curious about the bodyshop conditioner -definately going to check this out :) great post!

  3. I bought it from boots, but i know that there was a deal on in morrisons.. i cant remember what it was though ;)
    sorry x